via Newhaven, Lalandelle & Triel-sur-Seine (2015)

In 2015, my first trip, three friends and I did a four day trip via Newhaven, Lalandelle and Triel-sur-Seine.

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Good bits:
Day 1 was quite scenic and leaving on Sunday meant London was quieter.
Day 2 was on very quiet roads, with the Avenue Verte followed quiet rolling country roads. Picnic lunch by the side of a quiet country road was good.
Night 2 was lovely, the accommodation was spot on, we had a wonderful meal and chats with Marie and Thierry, and far too much wine.
Day 3’s breakfast was fantastic and set us up well for the road to Triel-sur-Seine which was beautiful. Our picnic lunch by the lake was lovely.
Day 4’s route was amazingly green, through forests before reaching the edge of Paris.
Nights 3 and 4 were spent on the peniche which was just fantastic, especially being able to use the BBQ on the top deck.
Having a whole day travel back to Caen was quite relaxing, beats the rush of trying to catch the Eurostar and then get home from London.

Not-so-good bits:
Night 1 was awful, we hadn’t booked a cabin, and we got next to no sleep, making day 2 harder.
It was a bit of a faff finding the bike accommodation and catching the RER to the peniche, only to be too knackered to celebrate.
This trip used up a lot more of my annual leave as I had to take a whole week off work.