Night 3 (2015) – Triel-sur-Seine – “La Proue” Peniche Calyx

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Peniche (noun f.)
A peniche is a river barge designed for use on the French waterways, with a maximum length of 38 metres.
…more info (in French)…
Proue (noun f.)
The bow. The forward part of the hull of a boat or ship.
(In Kev-talk: the pointy bit at the front – although ironically on a peniche they’re not very pointy.)
…more info…

Panoramic from the upper deck of the Peniche Calyx

When looking for accommodation for two nights around Triel-sur-Seine/Poissy/Cergy I was having trouble: I couldn’t find a nice Chambres d’Hotes big enough for us all whilst still on our rough route and the only options seem to be faceless Campaniles or similar. So when I found this Peniche I was very pleased it ticked every box – big enough; not a boring hotel; self catering; lovely location. On top of this it’s on the Seine and more importantly than that it’s a boat on the Seine.
Yes, we all got quite excited about this.

Here we are after arriving in Triel-sur-Seine at the end of Day 3, in front of the Peniche.
group shot in front of Peniche

Having use of the whole of the upper deck of this Peniche was a great way to wind down after an enjoyable day’s cycling, drinking some wine and beer and eating a great barbecue cooked by Tim, whilst watching the sun slowly sink down. This stretch of the Seine is quiet with the occasional very large working peniches passing by.
Tim cooks dinner on the top deckWhat better restaurant view could there be locally?

A little information about “La Proue”

“La Proue” accounts for just under half of this peniche, with the other end being the family home of the owners and the middle section being used as an office by employees of the owner Pascal’s architecture company, PBO Architecture. It’s all very private and we only bumped into a couple of people when leaving the boat once or twice. With Pascal’s family and pets at the other end we were amazed that we never heard them.
The amount of space available to guests on “La Proue” is great, you get the lower deck where the bedrooms, shower and toilet are, the middle deck where the entrance and kitchen/lounge are and full use of the upper deck where the BBQ grill is.
We had thought that we would put our bikes up on the upper deck but I think this may have been a struggle because of the spiral staircase to it, so instead we left them at the entrance to the gangway to the peniche, safely locked together and behind the locked gates which secured the entrance to the gangway. The road outside is very quiet without any passing traffic and even if it wasn’t locked I wouldn’t have feared for the safety of the bikes.
This is a holiday rental, not an hotel, therefore towels/linen/etc are not provided by default but you can pay extra when booking for them to be provided. We also took up the extra option of paying for end of stay cleaning and so although we could have saved money but would have had to carry more on our bikes, it was a simple choice for us to sign up to the extras.

Views of, on and from the Peniche

The view of the peniche from Triel-sur-SeineThe sun goes downView of Triel-sur-SeineA working peniche goes by

Some photos of the accommodation

The loungeview of the kitchen and entrance from the loungeThe kitchenView from the lounge

spiral staircase between lower and middle decksthe master bedroommaster bedroom's portholethe porthole right by my bed

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